Contracts for services can be customized to meet our client's specific needs. Our services include recruitment, employment, training and on-site support.

We provide assistance 24 hours a day for 365 days a year. We encourage our clients to call us at any time for professional on-call staffing requests. However, the more advance notice that we receive, the easier it is for us to secure staffing.

For long and short term assignments we make every effort to fill them with the same people. We know that it is easier for everyone to provide as much consistency as possible.

When we send employees out to an assignment for the first time they will bring with them an on-site orientation checklist. We ask that the on-site supervisor or designee review this checklist with the employee. This list provides the employee with pertinent emergency and program information to allow them to become familiar with the clientele and site. These on-site checklists can be customized to meet each site"s specific licensing/programming needs.

For all new contracts we ask that our clients assist us in designing a site specific form. This form provides a snap shot of the program, address, location, the clients served, specific duties and program needs etc. We may also ask for assistance to update these forms periodicity.

We are the employer of record for all assignments. We complete payroll and pay all taxes including state and federal, workers compensation and unemployment insurance etc.

For clients that are looking to recruit for permanent positions, we can assist by providing you with qualified candidates who are looking for permanent employers to interview with. We are always willing to discuss this fee for service basis.

When we recruit employees to work for Social Service Solutions, Inc. we take our time to find people who we believe would be the best fit for our clientele and existing employees'. We want everyone to be comfortable and secure with the professionals that you have entrusted us to assign to work with your clientele, family member, and employees. We do not refer to ourselves as "the temps" rather we consider all employees of Social Service Solutions, Inc. to be professionals of the social services industry. As professionals we demonstrate confidentiality and respect for all clientele, employees and family members.

We can customize our initial and ongoing training to meet our clients licensing needs and match the needs of the population served. We combine our training with many of our clientele to promote on-site consistency, meet licensing criteria and to enhance overall teamwork. Some customized licensing needs that we currently meet are securing annual employee TB/mantoux testing, medication administration/documentation training, administering UA testing etc.

We would be happy to discuss any questions that you may have about our services. Please give us a call or send us your questions via e-mail.