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The right people make all the difference.

When we recruit employees to work for Social Service Solutions, Inc. we take our time to hire people who we believe would be the best fit for our customers and existing employees. We offer training and work opportunities in a variety of settings and locations and shift assignments can be tailored to meet full time and part time schedules.

Employee Benefits:

  • CPR/first aid
  • Medication Administration
  • OSHA Infection Control
  • Maltreatment Children & Adults
  • Emergency Procedures
  • De escalation Techniques
  • Counseling & Group Facilitations
  • Domestic Abuse/Violence
  • Gain valuable experience
  • Bonuses
  • Gift certificates
  • Discounts to popular warehouses
  • Differential pay


  • Must be 18 years or 21 years (for MHRW)
  • Must have high school diploma or equivalent
  • Associates or Bachelors Degree in behavioral sciences or human services; can substitute experience for degrees with some clientele
  • Must posses the ability to read, write and speak English and carry out directions
  • Must pass background checks with DHS & the BCA
  • Must be capable of independent travel and conduct oneself in a professional manner and abide by all program policies.
  • Must be able to bend, stoop, stretch, lift and transfer, using proper body mechanics to children and adults weighting over 100 pounds.
  • Must posses and maintain good physical and mental health
  • Must be capable of independent travel
  • Must demonstrate the ability to work with little supervision
  • Experience working with people that have autism, engage in challenging behaviors, people that are hard of hearing (proficient n ASL) and job coaching experience is a plus.
  • Previous program design, knowledge and use of computers also a plus.

Supporting Qualifications:

All applicants will be required to meet at least one criterion for experience below. Some candidates may be qualified to work in more than one area.

  • Must have a minimum of one years' experience working with people that have developmental/intellectual/physical disabilities
  • Must have a minimum of one years' experience working with people that have serious and persistent mental illness
  • Must have a minimum of one years' experience working with people/families that are homeless and or in transitional housi
  • Must have a minimum of six months experience working with children, preferably with children from families of domestic abuse/neglect

Job Responsibilites:

  • Implement individual program/treatment plans as written.
  • Provide supervision, support and direction, teach healthy living and implement related skills, household management, cooking and nutrition.
  • Read and if required provide written documentation on all goals, health care notes, daily charting, incident reports etc, following agency specific requirements & formats i.e., electronic.
  • Perform daily housekeeping tasks as needed, prepare and assist with meals, clean up, laundry etc.
  • Provide personal cares and services including bathing, grooming, nail care, personal hygiene, transfers, using the bathroom, dressing, assistance with eating, medication administration etc. All personal care plans will be implemented as written.
  • Provide assistance, training and documentation as needed while at work sites.
  • Participate and facilitate as needed in leisure activities and with areas of community living.
  • Attend and participate in team meetings, all required training sessions, and shift change briefings.
  • Welcome, conduct intakes and assist families as needed.
  • Engage children and youth in activities such as homework, reading, games, etc.
  • Be a role model at all times and abide by all policies.
  • We consider all employees of Social Service Solutions, Inc. to be professionals in the social service industry. It is expected that all employees demonstrate a high degree of confidentiality and respect for all clients, employees and family members. We expect that all employees will deliver services that promote independence, stability, personal and emotional adjustment and self sufficency.

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